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Welcome to Kanjon’s brand new website!

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Welcome to Kanjon’s brand new website!

Were pleased to announce the launch of our new website!

The last one and a half months we’ve worked together with 89 to develop a new website. Now the beautiful pages are finally ready and hopefully the website is much more useful and informative than ever before.

We are a business offering the best possible packaging materials for your growing business. Our website has to reflect that. Now our website is full of information on our products and the range of services we offer in each category.

All information is currently in English, however, we will soon add the Russian and Estonian versions. We are trying to meet the needs of our clients and that is why we decided to redesign our website to make it more beautiful and easier to use.

But the website may need to be improved and for that we need your help. Whether you are visiting us for the first time or our regular client, please tell us how we can improve things even further!